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Roof Systems

Providing solutions for all types of roofing systems including: Metal Roofs, Shingles, Flat Roofs, Specialty Roofs, Architectural Panels & Much More!

Residential Roofing

No matter what your style of home or personal taste, as a homeowner you will find the perfect profile and color blend along with matching accessory products to create a stunning roofscape. At Elevated we supply superior weather protection asphalt roofing shingles, standing seam metal, concrete tiles or Gerard systems.

Residential Roofing

Commerical/Industrial Roofing

Whatever your requirements for either Commercial or Industrial roofing applications may be, we provide SBS “Torch-On”, TPO or EPDM Roof Systems to any buildings’ environment with complete insolation and slope packages tailored to meet your heating and drainage needs.

We are fully certified in all system applications and supply superior weather protection materials that include both manufacture and installation warranties.

Commercial/Industrial Roofing

Specialty/Historical Roofing

“Specialty roofs” is the term that’s used for a non-traditional roofing structure. These would include unique materials for roofing, such as natural materials and non-natural materials. Natural materials, like slate, concrete, cedar shakes and clay tiles. And non-natural materials, like metal or synthetic tiles.

Specialty/Historical Roofing

Architectural Composite Material

The Architectural Panel is mechanically attached with hidden fasteners to a continuous solid substrate with an underlayment. This is a beautiful finish to any exterior building, with clean lines and provides high performance with visual appeal.

Architectural exterior panel systems have a enhanced design appeal and flexibility for tailor-made custom designs.

Offering an extended color range and a variety of finishes and shapes to choose from. Architectural wall systems deliver curb appeal, advanced building envelope technology, outstanding durability and sustainable feature enhancements.

ACM Panels